Invotech® specializes in equipping vehicles, production equipment and people with sensors and algorithms that register and process data.
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Our Platform

Invotech’s System connects to databases, sensors and people anywhere, gathers information and lets you perform otherwise complex aggregate data analysis easily and without any programming skills.


View diagrams, manage map views with an extensible set of tools for analysis and presentation purposes, receive mobile notifications of alarms and events, track issues, remote control hardware, collaborate throughout your organization and much more – Everything in real-time – Assisting you in making informed decisions at the right time. The platform is tailored to the needs of your organization and can be accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere.

System Model

Our system is highly flexible and the details of our system model varies with different implementations.
But to give you a general idea, below is a simplified example.

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What's in it for the staff?

Invotech’s system lays a foundation of order and structure and provides constant feedback to business operatives. You gain control over your operations and increase your efficiency. It facilitates internal cooperation by providing tools for planning and organization.

What's in it for the management?

Invotech’s system contributes to a more efficient and sustainable working environment by enabling proactiveness against stress, injuries and by minimizing unnecessary wear and tear on infrastructure and equipment. Further more, the system provides algorithm-based real-time analysis which creates decision support for a harmonized flow of data in internal processes.

As a whole, the system creates better transparency between systems and the real world, which strengthens different sections’ and departments’ ability to intercommunicate and reach common goals (KPI).

Users can implement scenario analysis for in-depth insight and maintain control over the whole value chain through track & trace.

What's in it for the future?

Improved colaboration leads to more satisfied coworkers and sustainable business operations. Technical advances in machine learning provide both operators and management with better support for making faster, safer and better decisions.

The digitized way of working strengthens relations to external parties through integrated data flows. This means that cooperations with clients and suppliers can take place on an individual basis and the company can follow up aggregated KPI’s on company level. It also promotes integrated partner systems for optimal colaboration and new business models using certified products.

Sample Solutions


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For industries 



  • Material positioning

  • Data collection

  • Route optimization

  • Sensors



  • Increased control

  • Automation

  • Optimization

  • Prevention

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Decision Support

For authorities 



  • Vehicle positioning

  • Communication

  • Alarm data

  • GIS analysis



  • Situational awareness

  • Statistics

  • Prevention

  • Informed decisions

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 For authorities
and public agencies



  • Data collection

  • Damage reports

  • Analysis

  • Visualization



  • Prevention

  • Early warnings

  • Overview

  • Prioritized actions