Case Study

Eco Drive

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The Challenge

The client is a global player in its industry and champion in sustainability partly thanks to its climate strategy. As part of this work, it emerged the need to create a structured method that automates data collection and other measurements in transport and logistics, something that ensures that continuous improvment in sustainability and environmental certification programs can be achieved.

Basically, it is a matter of changing behavior and generate feedback of this information in real time to the service performer, this is believed to create incentives for change, by the empower drivers to become more involved in the sustainability and environmental factors the they can influence.

  • Systemize and Automate the generation data collection for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for sustainability and safe driving.

  • Reduce costs for wearing down tires, brakes and other damages

  • Increased control of service intervals (early warning)

  • Improved work environment and reduced risk of workplace accidents

  • Reduce carbon footprint

The Quest

The client shows industrial leadership especially concerning environment and sustainability programs and promotes this as a competitive advantage. Early on, the client identified an improvement potential through increased transparency and traceability of the environmental impact and physical risks within their logistics chain.

Previously, the logistics chain had been followed-up manually, which resulted in more work, and a lot of time spent collecting data, and less time available for analyzing and changing behavior to become more eco-conscious and promote safe driving.

The Solution

As a part of its integrative climate strategy, the client decided to implement Eco Drive by Invotech to its fleet of heavy vehicles operating on site. This realizes fuel savings, reduces wear and tear on vehicles and increases overall safety.

The solution consists of a hardware containing sensors and communication solution that stores the information in cloud service, this is coupled with management support (Statistics linked to client’s KPIs on environment, sustainability and safety), and a driver-aid that enables the drivers to become aware of the way the vehicle is maneuvered, as we say, It should be easy to do right!

  • Real-time support while driving: The driver sees and can influence the impact on sustainability and safety, in real time and receive feedback from the system to improve performance.

  • Various parameters that collected are: speeding, idling, rolling, coasting, fuel consumption and unsafe driving patterns.

Driver aid support